This site contains worksheets created by users of Schoolshape’s Language Lab Software for the teaching of German.  All resources may be used freely by anyone, and if you enjoy the activities here, we encourage you to upload and share your own resources.

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Schoolshape Introducing myself to German penfriends speaking, greetings & etiquette, describing people Schoolshape 'The' in German: Definite Article: Nominative (subject) der, die, das, die Schoolshape Etwas für die Umwelt machen: Accusative (object) den, die, das, die speaking, listening, environment & nature, definite and indefinite article Schoolshape 'Hello' and 'Bye' in German speaking, listening, greetings & etiquette Schoolshape WM 2010 Frankreich speaking, listening, sport & hobbies Schoolshape Ein Prinz vor seiner Hochzeit speaking, listening, greetings & etiquette Schoolshape Ein Brief: mein Alltag writing, reading, house and home Schoolshape German Reflexive Verbs: Accusative /Dative writing, listening, all reflexive pronouns Schoolshape German Internet Vocab 1 Schoolshape German Internet Vocab 2 Schoolshape Die Olympia-Flamme geht auf die Reise FRENCH Form 3 Introductions reading, listening, greetings & etiquette Schoolshape GCSE German Foundation Reading Test: reading Schoolshape Was mir in meiner Freizeit wichtig ist Schoolshape Die Körperteile (1) Schoolshape Gesund bleiben: Healthy Living health, food & drink, sport & hobbies, smoking, alcohol & drugs Schoolshape Long German Number Challenge writing, speaking, numbers, times, prices Schoolshape Schützen/Verschmutzen: German Verb Constructions for Essays on the Environment Schoolshape Nelson-Mandela-Schule am 5ten Dezember 2013 verbs, writing, reading, speaking
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